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5 Ways to upscale your branding for eCommerce businesses

Branding isn’t just about the logo or the brand name or only social media; branding goes beyond that. Branding goes far beyond press releases and strategies in the google doc. Great branding is the most powerful currency a business can have. As an ecommerce business, building a powerful and engaging online brand is the most important thing to focus on. Here is a guide for you to upscale your branding for your eCommerce business.

1. Understand your customer’s journey and share your story.

Stories are one thing everyone relates to; tales have been told throughout the history of mankind. As humans, people are better suited to remember stories and emotions than anything else. You must tell the story of a brand from a perspective that resonates with the journey of your customers and allows them a sneak behind the intentions of the brand. Always create a brand story, and answer questions like, ‘who you are, ‘what you care about, ‘what you stand for, and ‘why you stand for it'

2. Define your market and focus exclusively on them

Defining and narrowing down your market is the most powerful tool of branding. Tailoring the marketing needs of your brand should remain in focus. The message your marketing wants to convey is of great importance because people will remember you for ‘what is the message and how is it conveyed’. When you define your market right, you eliminate the hassle and heartache of please all. This means, you primarily need to define your target market for effective branding and decide what audience the brand will cater to. ‘Not everyone is your target market, and not everyone will like or understand your messaging’, thus it is important to only resonate with your target audience.

3. Get Advice and Outsource

Asking for advice is never a bad decision. Work should be done to refine what image of the brand already exists, at some point, the ideas a brand has for itself start to drain out, then more heads need to be put together to think. The brand at times needs to understand the challenges and the perception of the brand from customers' point of view. In situations like these, when a third opinion becomes necessary, agencies like Cultor Studio, come to the rescue to undertake all branding activities for your eCommerce business, so that a fresh story can be provided to the customers and also the workload of the brand is reduced, allowing them to focus on other aspects of the business to help them grow.

4. Make a Plan and be Consistent

We all know the weightage social media and online presence hold in today’s world. And the two things online presence demands are a plan/strategy and consistency. Letting customers know what factors have shaped your brand, in turn, builds trust, and at the same time, it helps you be consistent, as the audience keeps asking for more. In order to drive a position about your brand, you need to focus on driving inconsistent benefits as well at some point for the consumers and over-deliver the experience. The brand language as well must be consistent in the tone of the copy and overall user experience to not confuse the audience. Think about the information that’s critical to your audience’s recognition of your brand, and then keep consistent in all your messaging and branding efforts.

5. Determine and work within the boundaries of the company’s resources.

The biggest mistake brands tend to make is, spending all their resources on branding thinking that is the only channel for output. Branding sure does play a crucial role in the growth and expansion of the business, but putting the entire focus on branding and neglecting the other business attacks is the biggest mistake brands do not recognize. As the brand grows, it’ll need to add resources to the toolkit, as it would be a tedious task as well to manage all branding on your own. Resources can both refer to human resources and technical resources. Taking time to see where one needs help or where can one be more productive will help the brand recognize what resource to invest in. Once the brand invests in those resources, they also need to keep a check and evaluate its performance to ensure they are getting value for the spend.

In a nutshell

Your eCommerce brand is not simply your product or logo. It is an entire being that needs to stand out in a crowded place. You have the capacity to craft this persona in the exact way that you see your business in, you can narrate the exact story you want people to listen to. You can control who hears or sees that story by choosing your target audience. You can always ask for help and put more heads and resources together to grow. But branding doesn’t happen overnight, it’s not a simple cup of tea that has a precise recipe, it is a combination of hit and trials at times that work differently for different businesses. It’s important to recognize which story you want to narrate to which people and how to let your brand stand out.

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